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Where Are You Now?

The first step in developing an action plan to achieve a dream is to understand the starting point. Clearly understanding and defining this ‘right now’ position does two things: – It gives you a benchmark to ultimately recognize how far … Continue reading

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One of the strongest feelings human beings have is fear. Whether it is fear of falling, of open spaces, of strangers, of ridicule, or of failure, fear defines our existence. Through fear, we learn to adapt our behavior, avoiding whatever … Continue reading

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Ain’t It Awful

How many times do you hear some version of the “Ain’t it Awful” game? As long as we complain about a situation, as long as we recognize it, we feel as if our duty has been done. The “Ain’t it … Continue reading

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Value of Redundancy

It’s nice that visionaries developed the new ways of animation that brought us from King Kong to Jurassic Park. Our lives would not be the same if someone had not developed the computer chip, and the idea of the personal … Continue reading

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Loss of Purpose

“Isn’t that what Diane’s doing? I think she’s thinking about hanging out her shingle.” Dreams spiraling down. An empty feeling in my stomach. Hopelessness. All the arguments I developed to support this unique dream, the illusion that what I offered … Continue reading

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Ramón’s Story

When I worked at the USF College of Engineering, I wrote articles about research that were published statewide and nationally and prepared the alumni newsletter. I also worked with students, helping both individuals and 26 student societies. A student who … Continue reading

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