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Planting Seeds

      When we were young, we were told to get a good education, get a good job, marry well, and buy a nice house in the right neighborhood. Most likely, there were other things you were told about how to … Continue reading

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Blind Spots

Oh sure, you say, I know I have blind spots. We all do. Mine came three days ago, when a scrap of my visual field disappeared. It is like a torn piece of tissue in front of my right eye, … Continue reading

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Background Chatter

     There is something about spring, the longer days, the fresh air. We open the windows to let the new growth outside into our lives, to clear away the staleness and cobwebs of winter. Maybe we wash our windows, letting … Continue reading

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Filling the Home with Trinkets

     Over the years, I’ve noticed how easy it is to accumulate ‘things.’ A friend goes on vacation and brings back a souvenir from a place I’ve never been to. Another friend gives me something that doesn’t go with a … Continue reading

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Starting Over

     Many years ago, I visited the home of a man I had been dating. It was the first time I had been there. I drove up to a house with a boat and several rusting cars in his driveway, … Continue reading

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