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The Courage to Do It Again

     Your goals? Maybe others have had them. Maybe others have achieved them. If you listen to the voices surrounding you, the nay-sayers who steal your dreams, you will never have the courage to set goals, let alone achieve them. … Continue reading

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     The role of self-talk, that silent voice that speaks inside your head, makes a world of difference in your performance. It can be an amalgamation of a lot of voices you heard when you were younger, before you had … Continue reading

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Most of the time, I agree with Wayne Dyer—he passes on a lot of powerful information. However, one particular statement Dyer made in “The Power of Intention” disturbed me. He said that it was important to develop the mindset, “I … Continue reading

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One of the strongest feelings human beings have is fear. Whether it is fear of falling, of open spaces, of strangers, of ridicule, or of failure, fear defines our existence. Through fear, we learn to adapt our behavior, avoiding whatever … Continue reading

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