The Courage to Do It Again

     Your goals? Maybe others have had them. Maybe others have achieved them. If you listen to the voices surrounding you, the nay-sayers who steal your dreams, you will never have the courage to set goals, let alone achieve them.

     When you step outside the paralytic commentary, you will recognize that the words come from those who are afraid to both dream and succeed. This is not to discount these individuals, but merely, to understand that you do not choose a common path.

Recognize that development of your dream may require facing fears you have not yet even verbalized. This is okay. Acknowledge these so they do not sabotage your attempts, then replace them by teaching yourself a new reality.

     Write out exactly what you are moving toward, then flesh those dreams out so that they look to your subconscious mind as real as your breakfast dishes. Read these dreams out loud daily. Remember, you move toward what you see, so make sure that the images of where you want to be are stronger than any other reality.

     Mentally rehearse your success, so that achievement of your goal is comfortable even before it happens.

     Reward yourself for each step that you take on your journey. Celebrate! Ultimately, you may benefit by seeking out those who understand and are not threatened by your choice to excel, those who can share in your accomplishments.

     The courage to do it again means to replace the negativity that threatens to bury your dreams, to define a new vision to meet your needs. You may do what has already been done. And that may be enough. Or your goal may merely be a stepping-stone to some place you cannot yet comprehend. You really don’t know. And that’s okay. You never know what you will see from the top of a mountain you have not yet climbed.

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